Tattoo Styles

Our Tattoo Styles - Tattoos tailored just for you 

At Skin Bandits, we provide tattoos of any shape or size. If you’ve got a tattoo design you would love to get done by an experienced tattoo artist, we can create it for you. 

We specialise in Neo-Traditional Style tattoos, Colour Design Work and Tattoo Cover-Ups. 

Take a deeper look at the different tattoo styles we specialise in and see if they’re right for you. For even more photos of designs and tattoos we've done, check out our instagram!

Neo-Traditional Tattoo Styles

What are Neo-Traditional tattoos and how do they differ from traditional tattoo styles? 

Neo-Traditional tattoos are one of many tattoo styles out there. The design is usually characterised by their bold lines, broad colour palette and minimal shading work. This tattoo style is an evolution of its predecessor, the traditional style. 

Neo-Traditional styles have a more diverse range of colours and line widths than other traditional tattoo styles. Their imagery expands beyond the artistic space that the traditional style was known for, whilst also paying homage to their roots. A Neo-Traditional design honours the heritage of the tattoo culture popular amongst sailors and soldiers, often viewed as the traditional style’s origin.  

Neo simply means New, although this style is not to be confused with “new school” design, which has a more exaggerated form and often has a more cartoon-like tattoo style. New school tattoos also make use of brighter colours and have more of a street art aesthetic to them. 

When it comes to the art design, Neo-Traditional tattoos also allow for more depth of dimension and if you’re after a more realistic looking design, this will be right up your street. 

With this tattoo style, people often get an animal or floral art design. A portrait accompanied by swirling flowers and filigree is also a very popular choice and real trademark of the style. 

Colour Tattoo Work

Get yourself a colour-filled neo-traditional tattoo here at Skin Bandits. If you like dramatic and moody colours, or appreciate a more colour-accurate design, this style of tattoo might just be for you.

If you’re a fan of the designs and colour palettes found on a stained-glass window, for example, you’ll like the Neo-Traditional style.  

Black & Grey Tattoos

Alongside all the strong colour designs that come in our tattoo style, we also offer black and grey tattoos at Skin Bandits.

Black and grey tattoo styles work great with a more detailed art design and especially with our use of more prominent linework; these tattoos will still pop and stand out like their colour variant.


Tattoo Parlours that offer Cover-ups without Laser removal first can be hard to find, but don’t worry as Skin Bandits are here to help. We enjoy working with clients to cover a now unwanted tattoo and turn it into a beautiful, well-done tattoo that the client will love, and will successfully cover the old one. 

Every Tattoo can be covered. Small Tattoos such as writing or a small heart can be covered very easily with pretty much any design. For larger Tattoos with a lot of dark and solid black, then colour will most likely be needed to properly cover it up. For tattoos with a lot of dark areas, we might need to do a session before the cover-up. This session will involve going over the old tattoo with white, focused on the dark areas. This dulls the dark areas and means the cover-up tattoo will have an easier time doing its job to cover the old tattoo.

For tattoo cover-ups, Neo-traditional and Trash Polka style tattoos are best. (Trash Polka tattoos are mainly black and grey with a pop of colour, usually red or blue). With their design and use of colour, they make perfect style choices for cover-ups. If these aren’t your style, then we can work with you to find a suitable tattoo that you like that will also cover up well. 

The process for getting a cover-up tattoo isn’t too different to getting a tattoo. First, we will assess the tattoo you wish to cover. We will check the size, colours, and location, and will ask what the client has in mind for covering it. We will also offer design suggestions as to what will work, with the idea you have. Once a decision has been made we can proceed with the tattoo. As previously mentioned you might need to come in for a pre-cover-up session, to go over the tattoo in white. Once you are ready for your new tattoo, we will likely work with stencils and in freehand. We will probably need to modify stencils to fit the tattoo we are covering. 

We always work with what size we have to cover. There is no need to cover a small tattoo with a much larger design. Our Artist Bri has always had a natural talent for cover-ups. With a keen eye and good intuition, he can quickly tell what would and wouldn’t work as a cover-up for a tattoo. Bri also likes working in lighter colours and designs for cover-ups if possible. This covers up the tattoo just as well but also means the new tattoo doesn’t look like a cover-up tattoo. Please get in touch with us today if you have a tattoo you wish to cover, just let us know in the message section of our contact form.

Find the Best Tattoos for you

You’re welcome to chat with us for a free consultation on the styles that might suit you best. We can discuss the design you’re interested in getting, where it might work best and how it might look.

We can also answer any questions you may have about tattoos, designs or our services, so feel free to get in touch!